Starfield May Get Pushed To Summer 2023 According To New Rumour

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Starfield, Bethesda’s next big game, was supposed to be released late last year. In May, we already heard the company announce that the game will be getting delayed to the first half of 2023. Now, there’s the possibility that it will be get pushed even further back, this time to the second half of the year. Or more specifically, during summer, which is between late June and late September.

The claim was made by YouTuber MrMattyPlays on his other channel, Last Stand Media and its Defining Duke podcast. He claims that, even internally, the company has not given the game a firm release date, indicating uncertainty regarding its own ability to stick to the first half of 2023 release window. Justifying the potential minor delay is for Bethesda Game Studios, the publisher’s in-house dev team, to touch the game up further.

Starfield trailer screen
Source: Bethesda / YouTube.

As for where the information comes from, MrMattyPlays claims that “nothing from that source was wrong”. Though at the same time, considering that this may be a minor delay, he says that it’s equally possible that Bethesda would find that Starfield didn’t need the slight delay to polish it up further. But if the game does in fact get a minor delay, then it being a minor one should not be too big a deal, compared to the other more major delays that the industry has seen recently.

Source: Bethedsa via VGC.

On the flip side, it would probably be better that Bethesda pushed Starfield back a little. Otherwise, the company will have two games coming out in the same half of the year, the other one being Arkane Austin’s Redfall which now has a May 2023 release window. If you want to listen to the exact part of the podcast when this is discussed, you can do so by hitting the link below, and jump to around the 1:55:35 mark if you’re not brought there automatically.

(Source: Last Stand Media / YouTube)

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