PS Plus Collection Of 19 PS4 Games Will Go Away On 9 May 2023

PS Plus Collection

Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced this month’s free games for PS Plus subscribers. While that was an entirely expected monthly occurrence, the company also snuck in another pretty important bit of news in the same blog post. And that’s the upcoming discontinuation of the PS Plus Collection.

As a refresher, the PS Plus Collection was sort of an incentive program for PS Plus subscribers to get a PS5 early. Launched back in November 2020 alongside the latest generation console, it gave PS Plus subscribers with access to the console a total of 19 PS4 games that the company says “defined the generation”. And it is indeed a list with some very good games in there too, such as Bloodborme, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and Infamous Second Son, among others.

PlayStation Plus UI PS5
Source: PlayStation.

This very list, which is a massive boon for those who are both subscribed to PS Plus, and also own a PS5 console. But maybe now that the console is over two years old, and that the company claims that will now be easier to find in stores than ever before, SIE is finally retiring the PS Plus Collection. You can check out the list of games for yourself, and if you like, say 15 of the 19 games in the list, then it may be justifiable to go out of your way to look for a PS5 just to be able to claim these games for free.

As for when exactly the PS Plus Collection is going away, the official PlayStation Blog post puts up a 9 May 2023 date. Which gives you about three months to do what you need to do. The good news is that, like with the monthly free games for PS Plus subscribers, once you claim this list of 19 games, they are yours forever so long as you remain a subscriber to the service.

(Source: PlayStation)

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