PM Anwar: Special retreat next week for Cabinet ministers to discuss KPI for first 100-days

JAKARTA: A special retreat will be held for Cabinet ministers in a week’s time to get their input on their performance for their first 100-days in office, says Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic).

The Prime Minister said that the reatreat would be held for them to showcase their key performance indicators (KPI) for each ministries and ministers.

“So, within a week’s time, we will have a special retreat to sit and listen to their input after about a month’s work.

“After that we will make an announcement of their performance and KPIs for each ministries,” he said in his address when meeting the Malaysian diasphora here late Sunday (Jan 8) night.

The Prime Minister was asked whether there were any KPI for Cabinet ministers for their first 100-days in office.

He said in general, Cabinet minister have been advised to provide the best services as they could and their allowance would be cut.

“The amount of minister’s allowance that has been cut is large. There will be no new spending and (they would need to) use the existing allocations,” he added.

On Dec 6, Anwar announced that he would not receive any salary, both as Prime Minister and as Finance Minister.

Cabinet ministers have also agreed to a 20% pay cut until Malaysia reaches economic recovery, he said

“Some say that the amount is small, but it gives a message.

“If ministers do not use public money to repair their office, so the rest will also not get it,” he explained, adding that it is different matter if there is an emergency situation for such repairs.

Meanwhile, he said that the upcoming revised Budget would probably introduce new policies under the unity government.

“Insya-Allah, there will be new policies introduced but due to a short time period, we need to complete soon,” he said.

Anwar added that the government would take into consideration good elements from the previous Budget.

Aside from that, the government would also introduce new policies and approaches in line with the new government’s aspirations, he said.

Anwar, who is also the Finance Minister, is scheduled to present the 2023 Budget in the Dewan Rakyat on Feb 24.

Earlier in his speech, Anwar said that he was prepared to risk his position as the Prime Minister to ensure equal distribution of wealth between all Malaysians.

Anwar said that Malaysia must be totally freed from the greediness of a small elite group who were hungry for power and hoarded wealth for themselves.

“And on that matter, I will not compromise not even a bit although it may risk my position,” he said, adding that there will not be selective prosecution in his fight against corruption.