Continuing Criminal Chaos Or A Proper Clean Up? Malaysia’s Choice

Voters are at last getting their opportunity to press a re-set button after the result of the last election was swept away, primarily thanks to criminals seeking to avoid the consequences of investigations unleashed against them.

As the President of UMNO notoriously summed it up for his band of followers at a recent rally, if the party does not win this time round not only himself but other top officials stand to be sent to jail – not for alleged illegal utterances or spilling alleged secrets but for stealing hundreds of millions in a criminal abuse of trust.

Zahid’s predecessor is already banged up for it. Zahid himself has hastened the election into the monsoon season to avoid the same happening to him. And should anyone have been in doubt about how Zahid plans to use an UMNO victory he has already demoted no less than 8 key followers of the supposed prime ministerial candidate for UMNO, depriving them of parliamentary seats.

If UMNO wins the deeply unpopular president will step out from behind the puppet to seize office and let himself off his court case and Najib out of jail. Everyone in Malaysia knows this.

What everyone in Malaysia can also see is a transformation of a situation that pertained for decades whereby in the face of a powerful ruling coalition (led by UMNO) a fragmented opposition lacked leadership and focus.

Now, after two years of infighting in the name of Muslim Unity a swathe of rival candidates are slugging it out to take control of the same demographic, spending their unaccountably obtained election war-chests on fighting each other in every seat. PN, BN and Mahathir’s men are hurling insults and accusations fighting for the same set of voters.

Meanwhile, PH remains united and focused with a single candidate per seat and an agreed leader – the one who was set to take over as prime minister under the terms of the previous election result which was illegitimately overturned by treachery, bribes, blackmail and skullduggery.

Is there anything that has happened in Malaysia over the past two years of political chaos, privation, inflation, shortages and crackdowns that would leave voters feeling happy that the majority elected government and its programme for reform was abandoned?

One would think not and there remains the opportunity to re-elect that platform under a united and credible leadership as opposed to a squabbling band of extremely elderly Malay supremacist politicians in theory, hardened political crooks in practice.

A new electorate of young Malaysians of all backgrounds should realise how equally excluded they are by this cabal of self-interested established cronies, who have milked the nation of its ability to fund services they need. For them reforms, including equal opportunities, transparency and anti-corruption measures are the only way to a better life.

They should take it and vote for a united party with a clear manifesto and no criminal baggage – PH is the only alliance that is presently is fit to rule.