Unifi Introduces UNI5G Postpaid 89 Unlimited Plan With No FUP

Unifi Mobile UNI5G Postpaid - February 2023

Unifi Mobile quietly launched its UNI5G Postpaid 89 plan a couple of weeks ago, months after it was first teased with the debut of its 5G postpaid mobile packages. The new subscription offers what might actually be a truly unlimited data plan, competing directly with the likes of Yes 5G.

UNI5G Postpaid 89 offers unlimited 5G and 4G data at the price of RM89 per month. According to the company’s customer service, it has no Fair Usage Policy (FUP) unlike its prepaid packages, which means that this plan truly offers unlimited data for its subscribers.

unifi uni5g postpaid 89 unlimited

Additionally, it provides 10GB of hotspot usage, unlimited calls with a monthly credit limit of RM320. There is also no contract unless you wish to purchase the plan with a device, in which case it will tie you to a 24-month contract with phones ranging from a free Samsung Galaxy A04 to a Samsung Galaxy Note 23 Ultra at a bundle discount.

Users have the option of adding up to five supplementary lines for RM39 per month. Extra line users get unlimited calls but share the data and hotspot quota with the principal line and a credit limit of only RM140.

unifi uni5g postpaid 89 unlimited

While the hotspot quota is quite limited, users can purchase additional hotspot at RM30 for an extra 10GB. There’s no limit on how many devices can be connected to the hotspot, but the company recommends a maximum of five devices.

If you don’t need unlimited data, you could also opt for the Postpaid 65 plan at the cost of RM65 with 60GB of data, 10GB of hotspot usage, and unlimited calls. Interestingly, Unifi was initially offering the plan at a perpetual discount of RM10 per month for those who signed up by 30 April 2023, but its FAQ has updated the promo period to “until further notice”.

(Source: Unifi website)

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