TikTok TV App Now Available In Malaysia

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TikTok has announced that it is making its TikTok TV app available for download in Malaysia, enabling users to watch content straight from their TV sets.  The app was first launched in the UK back in 2020, initially only compatible with Amazon’s Fire TV and Samsung TVs before expanding to other devices and platforms, including Chromecast.

The TV-optimised app can be installed on devices running on Google TV and Android TV OS, as well as Samsung smart TVs. Unfortunately, TikTok TV isn’t available for LG devices just yet but the company promises that it will be coming in a few weeks, although it did not specify a release date.

Tiktok tv
Image: TikTok

Despite being designed for TVs, the app will still display videos in the same vertical aspect as you would experience them on your phone. Like the mobile app, TikTok TV has a “Following” feed that shows content from your favourite creators and a separate “For You” feed where the platform’s algorithm pushes content that it thinks you will like based on your likes and watch history.

To get a more personalised experience, the company recommends that you sign into the TV app using your existing account. This allows you to watch “the most liked and viewed videos across a huge range of categories, from gaming and comedy to food and animals.”

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ikTok has found itself in hot water as of late with Malaysian regulators unhappy with the spread of hate-filled propaganda after the 15th general election. In January alone, Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil said that of the total of 197 content removed from social media platforms, 101 were uploaded on TikTok.

On an unrelated note, the company announced last month that it would be increasing the commission fee for sellers on its TikTok Shop platform to 2%. The change is due to take place on 1 March.

(Source: TikTok Press Release)

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