KTMB Launches MyRailLife Pass; Free Rides For Students And OKU

ktmb myraillife pass students oku

The Ministry of Transport announced last month that select KTMB train services would be free for primary school children as well as the disabled. Now, KTMB has formally launched a special pass for this initiative called the MyRailLife pass, which extends the programme to secondary school and Form 6 students whereas it initially only covered primary school children.

The passes were made available starting from 15 February 2023, which allows its users get free rides on the Klang Valley KTM Komuter, KTM Komuter Utara, and Shuttle Timuran for one year until 14 February 2024.  Of course, the pass is non-transferable so you cannot let somebody else use your pass and if anyone is caught doing so, they will be fined a surcharge of RM30 on top of the fare for the ride.

ktmb myraillife pass registration

To register, you can head on to the KTMB website and click on “special registration” under the rail pass tab or on the “Profile” tab on the KTMB app. From there, you can fill out your information as well as the type of MyRailLife pass you wish to register for.

If you’re unable to register online, you also have the option to sign up at any KTM counter. However, online registration is only available for those using the Northern or East Coast lines, while those who want to use the pass for the Klang Valley Komuter can only register in person at the counter.

ktmb myraillife pass form 6 students oku

For OKU individuals, you will need to submit a copy of your MyKad as well as your OKU card. Primary and secondary school students only need to give a copy of their MyKad whereas for Form 6 students, you will also need to fill up and submit a student verification form [PDF] that will need to be signed by a teacher or officer from your school.

The MyRailLife pass is free to those who are eligible and if the pass is loss or damaged, KTMB will replace it without any charges. The company is also giving away free Komuter Link cards to the first 10,000 new users and MyRail5 holders who register for the pass.

(Source: KTMB)

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