iOS 16.4 Public Beta Brings 5G To Unifi Mobile, Yes, and Yoodo Users

Apple has recently rolled out the public beta version of iOS 16.4 to the masses. The new update carried a number of new features such as the Unicode 15.0 emojis and Web Push notifications for Safari but for Malaysian users, it also carries 5G support to telcos that were not supported back in December.

As you may recall, the rollout of iOS 16.2 back in December has brought 5G support for iPhone users in Malaysia. That being said, it is only available for those who are on Apple’s official telco partners such as Celcom, Digi, and U Mobile.

Even though Maxis is one of Cupertino’s official telco partners in Malaysia but the company has yet to sort out its 5G access agreement with the national 5G company, Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB). The telco has announced last month that it will wait for the government to come out with a definitive 5G policy before moving forward.

In the case of iOS 16.4, the 5G support for Unifi Mobile was first noted by Facebook user Ahmad Aniq although, at that time, the update was still in the Developer Beta stage. The 5G support on the public beta was then demonstrated by Arib Ismail from the popular YouTube channel MobileJaya, who also noted that it should work for Yes customers as well.

In a subsequent tweet, Ahmad Anis pointed out that the update has also enabled 5G support for Yoodo. The Celcom-affiliated MVNO has just announced its 5G free trial last week although officially, it is limited to Android devices as noted by this FAQ document.

iOS 16.4 Public Beta
[Image: Jennifer Pattison Tuohy / The Verge. ]

As iOS 16.4 is still in public beta form, this means that users may encounter unexpected issues when using it on their devices. Nevertheless, if you feel confident and comfortable enough to run on pre-release software, you can enrol your iPhone into the Apple Beta Software Program through this website.

For the rest who prefer to wait until the official release, look forward to the rollout of finalized iOS 16.4 update sometime this spring season.

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