GSC Offering Advanced Screening Of An Upcoming Mystery Movie For Only RM 5

GSC Golden Screen Cinemas Mystery Movie RM 5

From gachas to lucky draws, there’s certainly plenty of ways to tempt people to try their luck. Sort of jumping onto this trend is local cinema exhibitor Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) through its latest promotion, which offers movie buffs a chance to watch an upcoming movie ahead of its scheduled release date for only RM 5.

The catch? GSC isn’t revealing what film it’ll be showing until it is directly screened to you.

“Are you willing to take the risk?” the cinema operator tweeted via its official Twitter account earlier today. “Be the first in Malaysia to watch this film before its release date!”

Despite the taunt, GSC is also offering a money-back guarantee if the movie is not to your liking in the end, therefore completely paying back your hard-earned RM 5. It is unclear whether this only applies to moviegoers who sit through the entire show, or if early walkouts are also eligible for a refund.

Sure, RM 5 may not seem much for the average screen junkie, but keep in mind that you’ll still be spending your precious time for this. And with the film’s title still a mystery, the same can be said for its duration. Fortunately, GSC is kind enough to hint that the show in question is a Hollywood production, so at least you’ll know (albeit slightly) what you’ll be getting yourself into. 

Malaysian cinemas GSC Golden Screen Cinemas Mystery Movie
Image: GSC

The mystery movie is set to screen at three of the cinema operator’s branches on 20 February 2023 at 8:30 pm. The venues include GSC Tropicana Gardens Mall in Selangor, GSC Gurney Plaza in Penang, and GSC Paradigm in Johor Bahru. With the date and the cinema operator’s hint in mind, this helps with narrowing down the possible movies that will be shown. 

One thing’s for sure, it certainly won’t be Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, as that is premiering tomorrow on 15 February. And seeing that it will be an advanced screening, chances are that the movie in question could be either thriller comedy Cocaine Bear (no, really, that’s an actual movie), Sony Pictures’ mystery thriller Missing, Michale B Jordan’s Creed 3, or even Disney’s Empire of Light.

GSC IOI City Mall East - IMAX With Laser
[Image: Preetham Daniel / Twitter.]

So, if you’re up for the challenge, you can get tickets for the screening via GSC’s official website or mobile app. According to the promotion’s web page, you can do so by heading over to the Advanced Ticket Sales section, selecting (Special) Mystery Movie, and then checking out. Bookings for GSC Tropicana and Gurney Paradigm JB will open at 12 pm on 15 February, while for GSC Gurney Plaza opens at 12 pm on 17 February.

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