EU Warns Apple Not To Throttle Speeds For Non-MFi USB-C Cables

The European Union has issued a stern warning to Apple over the adoption of the USB-C standard: do not attempt to limit the charging and transfer speeds of cables not made for the iPhone, also known as non-MFi cables, or there will be consequences.

The EU’s warning to Apple comes as rumours that the latter already has its manufacturing partner, Foxconn, mass-producing the accessory and that it will be optimising the charging speeds of MFi chargers for the upcoming iPhone 15.

The EU first submitted a proposal back in September 2022 that forced Apple to adopt USB-C connectivity standard, effectively making it mandatory for the fruit company to make the change or risk punishment or sorts from the governing body. That proposal became a part of its legislation the following month.

That is not to say Apple isn’t closed off to the USB-C standard entirely. Previous reports suggest that the company from Cupertino does plan on adopting the port, but so far, only for its AirPods lineup, as well as its Magic Mouse and Keyboard, and by 2024. It should be noted that, should the fruit company fail to comply with the new requirement, the European governing body can and will ban Apple from selling its iPhones within member states of the union.

The EU’s commissioner Thierry Breton even went so far as to send a letter to Apple, cautioning the company over imposing such restrictions on non-MFi USB-C cables. The good news – for Apple at least – is that the brand has until 28 December 2024, before the new law actually goes into effect. So technically, the company could still launch a new iPhone with the knockdown to non-Apple cables and then proceed to release a simple software update closer to the deadline and lifting the EU’s restriction on said cable.

At the time of writing, Apple has reportedly neither acknowledged nor has it announced any plans to throttle non-MFi USB-C cables. Fingers crossed that the company won’t be as petty, but given its history with these things, it’s hard not to think that they would actually pull such a stunt.

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