Alienware Adds New Range Of Gaming Peripherals To Its Portfolio

Alienware recently announced that it would be expanding its gaming lineup with a whole new lineup of gaming peripherals and accessories. That list includes the a couple of gaming headsets, keyboards, and a gaming mouse.

Starting with the gaming headsets, Alienware is introducing both a wired AW520H and AW720H wireless gaming headset. Starting with the AW520H, the headset features 40mm Hi-Res Certified Drivers in each earcup, along with a headband with sliding suspension adjustment for a taut yet comfortable experience over prolonged periods. In addition, the earcups are also equipped with soft memory foam, wrapped in a breathable fabric that the brand promises to provide plenty of resting space around the ears.

(Image source: Alienware.)

The Alienware AW520H also features a retractable boom microphone, and is even equipped with the brand’s AlienFX RGB LED that syncs with the self-styled Alienware Command Centre. Connectivity-wise, the headphones connects to a PC via USB port by default, but they do come with a 3.5mm adapter, should you wish to connect them to other compatible devices or gaming consoles. In terms of availability, the AW520H will be available in North America and China from 14 April onwards, while the rest of the world can expect it from 19 May onwards.

Moving on to the Alienware AW720H, this headset is like the AW520H, the major difference between the two is that this model is completely wireless. Connectivity for this headset is done via the 2.4GHz USB-C wireless dongle. In terms of battery life, you’re looking at up to 30 hours of continuous usage from a full charge.

In terms of availability, the AW720H has already been available in China since 17 February but will be available in North America from 2 March onwards and 31 March for the rest of the world.

Moving on to the keyboards, Alienware will also be releasing this peripheral in two flavours: one AW920K full-sized model and an AW420K tenkeyless variant. Based on their specs sheet, both keyboards will be using the Cherry MX Red key switches. And yes, both peripherals are equipped with the brand’s self-styled AlienFX RGB lighting.

Aside from the missing numeric pad, the Alienware AW920K is a wireless keyboard, while the AW420K is wired. In terms of availability, there’s no word on the latter, but the full-sized wireless keyboard will be available starting from 14 April in North America and China, while the rest of the world gets it from 19 May onwards.

Finally, there’s the Alienware AW620M wireless gaming mouse. Described officially as a sculpted right-handed mouse, the brand says that the shape of this full-sized gaming mouse even features a dedicated thumb channel, which it says makes it ideal for RTS, RPG, and even MMO games.

Specs-wise, the Alienware AW620M has a maximum movement resolution of 26000 DPI, along with a maximum sensor speed and acceleration of 650 IPS and 50G, respectively. It also comes with seven fully programmable buttons, while the left and right buttons are rated for 70 million clicks each. Keeping it running is a rechargeable battery that is capable of running up to 140 hours continuously, and a 2.4GHz wireless dongle to keep it connected to a PC. As for availability, the mouse is already available in China and North America, while the rest of the world should see distribution on 31 March.

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