Visual Retale launches design competition to salute medical heroes

Covid-19 is wreaking havoc globally. Malaysia is going through a very challenging and unprecedented period. Our frontline doctors & nurses are battling this with all their might, risking their lives, sacrificing their rest and precious family time. Incurring great risk to themselves, to take care of fellow Malaysians.

In view of this Visual Retale is inviting the public to design a 15 second animation on our Digital Out-of-Home billboards, saluting them for their efforts.

The top 3 winning designs will be featured on all Visual Retale’s Urban Icons (Pinnacle, Bangsaria & KL South) for a month. All entries are to be emailed by April 3, 2020.

The shortlisted designs will be posted on our Visual Retale Facebook by the 4th of April and the three winning entries will be selected based on the most number of ‘Likes’ by the 10th of April. Entrants with the highest ‘Likes’ will win a token RM 888.88 from us. (Yes it’s a relatively small token but given the economic climate we too have to be really careful.).

The animation must focus on the efforts of Malaysian medical personnel. It can be static slides or full animation. Bear in mind DOOH carries no audio so the content needs to carry the idea visually. Copy optional.

VK Sailendra, Founder of Visual Retale Sdn Bhd told MARKETING magazine, “The frontline medical staff are literally risking their lives for us. We want to do something, as a small token of our collective gratitude for them. It’s times like this when we should rise to appreciate the amazing commitment, dedication and courage of our medical fraternity.”

“This competition allows for the creative community to demonstrate our gratitude. Many talented young minds may be able to showcase our emotions through their eyes and creativity,” said Sailendra.

The specifications for the designs are provided below for Urban Icon 1 – Pinnacle PJ. The winners will be notified to help us resize and adapt to the other 2 screens specifications.

The competition is open to all creative people and the material specifications are as follows:

Material specifications
Urban Icon 1, Pinnacle, PJ

Twin Screen
Top – 88′ H x 68′ W
Bottom – 22′ H x 68′ W

Top – 2688 pixels x 2048 pixels
Bottom – 672 pixels x 2048 pixels

MP4 (max 100mb)

Please email you entries to