Home-grown AI company powers digital transformation for U.S. enterprises

Hyperlab, Southeast Asia’s leading and most awarded Conversational AI company, is rebranding to Everise DX as it grows beyond SEA and starts working with clients in the US and Japan.

Hyperlab was acquired by Everise, the next-generation Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, in October 2018 to inject Artificial Intelligence into its customer experience delivery, primarily for their US Fortune 500 customer base.

“Being part of the Everise family, we have been able to successfully penetrate the hard to crack U.S. market, growing year-on-year revenue by 300% in 2018, 400% in 2019 and a projected 250% in 2020,” says co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Vic Sithasanan, commenting on the growth since the acquisition.

Hyperlab is rebranding to Everise DX, or Digital Experiences, alongside Everise’s existing Customer Experience (CX) and Product Experience (PX) solutions. This integration will allow clients and partners to engage with just one brand that offers holistic solutions across channels.

“We acquired Hyperlab to further our delivery of disruptive customer experience solutions, helping high-growth companies scale their business with the power of AI,” says Sudhir Agarwal, Founder and Global CEO of Everise. For a major wholesaler in the U.S., DX was used to ensure their members get quick, efficient and accurate information when they need it.

“Through our Natural Language IVR Solution, customers have self-service options for membership information, renewals, order status and locations services 24/7 over the phone,” says Sithasanan. “As Everise DX, we are delivering chatbots and voice automation that will push the envelope in customer experience,” he adds.

“Today, as the world faces a pandemic, Everise DX is a key part of our growth strategy, further extending the capacity of our home-based CX solution ,” adds Agarwal. Locally, Everise DX, automates customer experience and employee experience for large enterprise brands, including Hong Leong Bank, Telekom Malaysia, Zurich Insurance, Maxis, UMobile and more.

Globally, their product offering has automated over 20 million requests, saved thousands of hours of manual labour per month and freed hundreds of employees to operate more creatively.

Co-founder, Chris Greenough, was also recently promoted to be the global Chief Marketing Officer for Everise. Over the past year, he led the rebranding efforts of Everise’s multiple acquisitions into a single CX Transformation brand.