6 ways how Astro is helping Malaysians adjust to new normal

It is no secret that Malaysians are rediscovering the comfort of staying home and the warmth of family during this Movement Control Order (MCO), especially when they have a choice of entertainment options. Astro has also come into its own in this space, making inroads like never before…

1. Entertainment Destination: Astro appears to be a key entertainment destination for Malaysians during the MCO period, as evidenced from the strong performance across all platforms. Across its TV, radio, digital and commerce platforms, Astro continues to educate, inform and entertain Malaysians and help them adjust to the new normal.

2. Jump in Viewership: Astro also saw an increase in TV viewership share at the expense of free-to-air TV. As Malaysians continue to seek information and entertainment on their platform, 35 Astro channels recorded more than 1 hour of viewing time daily, with all content genres (except sports). This means a double digit growth in viewership.

3. Home Cinema: The lockdown saw Malaysians turning to the new ‘cinema at their home’. With both Astro First and Astro Best enjoying a 424% increase in viewership for the first month of the lockdown. Astro First also premiered Indonesia’s #1 film in 2020 Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini on April 23rd.

4. Astro in every Room: The quest for entertainment is also heightened during MCO as Malaysians are not just glued to the TV screen but also on phones and tablets, catering to the diverse multi generational needs. Both Astro Go and iQIYI apps have seen double digit and triple digit increases in monthly active users during this period.

5. Giant Leap in App Downloads: The new normal is further evidenced from high increase of app downloads during the MCO. Over 600K of the Astro app was downloaded and saw a 85% increase in time spent on Astro Go, Awani, iQIYI and Syok. Go Shop which is gaining from the ecommerce boom, also saw strong increases in traffic and sales.

6. Social Engagements through the roof: Combined with the collective strength of 83 million Astro fans and followers across various social platforms, and driven by over 430 million social engagements, Astro has become the new normal for many Malaysians.