TM To Launch Unifi 2Gbps Package Soon

Unifi Ultra 2Gbps

TM has begun to tease a new Unifi Home package that offers a maximum download speed of 2Gbps. As a comparison, the fastest Unifi Home plan that is currently available from TM is 800Mbps.

The new package was first mentioned on its Facebook page and Twitter yesterday. The post on both social media platforms includes a URL to the mini-site where visitors can register their interest in the new package.

In general, there is nothing out of ordinary about the Registration of Interest (ROI) form except the fact that one of the three check boxes that are listed above the Submit button asked you to verify if you are an existing Unifi customer. Based on our own experience, we can confirm that you don’t actually need to tick that particular box in order to submit your registration.

Once the ROI is submitted, the following confirmation screen noted that the Unifi team will reach out to customers within two weeks to follow up with their interest. The confirmation screen also includes a reference number which comes complete with “ultrateaser” label on it.

Unifi 2Gbps
The confirmation screen for Unifi 2Gbps ROI.

Given its URL and the graphics on the mini-site as well as the label in the reference number, it seems plausible that TM may call the new plan Unifi Ultra. However, other details about the plan are still under wraps as we are still not able to locate any FAQ or Terms & Conditions documents that is specific to the new plan.

Naturally, the question that everyone has on their mind is how much will this new Unifi 2Gbps is going to cost. Even though TM has yet to reveal it to the public but believe us when we said that it is going to be hefty.

Unifi Home - March 2023
The current Unifi Home plan line-up, as captured at 10:45 PM today. [Image: Unifi.]
Time Fibre Home - March 2023
The current Time Fibre Home plans, as of 10:45 PM today. [Image: Time.]

Consider this: the Time Fibre Home 2Gbps plan already costs RM379 per month and this came from an ISP that offered its plans at a much lower price than TM. Since the Unifi Home 800Mbps plan is currently priced at RM299 per month, we would not be surprised if the monthly price tag for the upcoming 2Gbps goes beyond RM400.

On top of that, we do expect that TM will also announce a 1Gbps plan to fit into the RM300 to RM400 price point. That is unless the company decides (or is forced) to tone down the pricing of its fibre plans given the recent price reduction that was stipulated by the latest revision of the Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing [pdf].

Unifi Store
The yet-to-be-opened Unifi Store at IOI City Mall Putrajaya. TM has yet to answer our queries regarding this mysterious store till today.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and since TM itself has yet to reveal the launch date for the new 2Gbps plan, let’s hope that we will get the answer sooner than later.

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