Tired Of Seeing NFTs Appearing On Your Twitter Feed? There’s A Plugin For That.

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As most of us are aware by now, the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) craze has taken the world by storm – to the point that social media, major brands, and many more have recently shown their support for the blockchain-based digital collectible. But if you happen to be a Twitter user who is sick and tired of the trend and wishes to rid your feed of anything and everything NFT, be delighted that there is now a plugin for that.

Just in case you missed it, both Twitter and Reddit have introduced (or in the latter’s case, will be introducing) a new feature that will enable NFT owners to showcase their creations or acquisitions as their profile pictures – either for bragging rights, or to attract potential buyers. What is special about this particular feature is, rather than just simply letting users switch their profile pictures to display the artwork, it also verifies the legitimacy of the user’s ownership of the digital collectible. Upon verification, NFT owners are then granted with an exclusive hexagon-shaped profile picture frame which sets them apart from other users, at least in Twitter’s case.

Thankfully, this method of verifying NFT owners has served as a basis for Github member known as mcclure to come up with the aforementioned plugin for Chrome and Firefox. Aptly called NFTBlocker, this tool does exactly what its namesake suggests, which is to block tweets, mentions, and users that are related to the crypto-based collectible from your Twitter feed. It is also worth noting that the plugin was released just around 24 hours after Twitter had introduced the new NFT profile picture feature.

“The more demand there is to buy and sell NFTs, the higher the value of energy-wasting (“proof of work”) cryptocurrencies goes and the more coal and oil these networks will burn,” the developer said in her Github blog post. “I don’t want to be in a community with people who support that.”

Future versions of the plugin will be able to scan your Twitter notifications and block the specifically unwanted content automatically, mcclure added. NFTBlocker is currently available to download via Github (link below), but keep in mind that it needs to be installed manually for both web browsers. The developer is currently working on having the upcoming version of the tool to be available through the Chrome and Firefox app store.

“Blocking NFT users just makes Twitter nicer,” she added. Alternatively, mcclure also recommends other similar independently developed tools such as AntsStyle NFT blocker app and Better Tweetdeck.

(Source: mcclure [Github] [Twitter])

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