Take A Closer Look At The USB-C Port On An iPhone 15 Pro

Apple is, so far, expected to finally adopt USB-C ports for its iPhones starting with the iPhone 15 series this year. And right now, it’s early enough that we’ll be seeing some leaks of that sort. Surprisingly though, a leakster has posted what is claimed to be a real photo of an iPhone 15 Pro sporting the port.

Twitter account @URedditor has posted the image, which is basically a closeup of the USB-C port, with what is assumed to be speaker grilles on both sides. There’s really not much else that is identifiable on the image that tells us for certain that this is an iPhone, let alone this year’s iPhone 15 Pro variant.

USB-C iPhone
Source: Ken Pillonel via SlashGear.

That being said, it’s not necessarily difficult to imagine a phone made by Apple having an USB-C port. Seeing as the iPads and Macs are already adopting the port, the Apple phones are among the last holdouts that the company has made to stubbornly stick to its proprietary Lightning connector. Someone even modified an existing iPhone model to make to use USB-C back in 2021. It took awhile, but an Apple exec finally said that it will be using the much more universal connector, even if only to comply with EU ruling.

Beyond the USB-C port itself, the image posted by the leakster also shows curved edges, which may signal a departure from the current blocky design on the iPhones. A previous report also noted that this year’s iPhone models will be sporting a titanium frame, which may be something else that this image is showing.

All that being said, considering that so little is actually visible from this one single image, it is difficult to say for sure if any of this is actually what the leakster claims it to be. A clearer picture may pop up before the iPhone 15 series shows up closer to the end of the year.

(Source: @URedditor / Twitter)

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