ROMPAK Is The First Southeast Asian Film To Use NFT

rompak nft

Finance website INTRADAY has announced ROMPAK, a film that the company claims is the first in Southeast Asia to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The digital art collection will come with a bunch of special utilities for the owners, which will see them have a hand in filmmaking.

For starters, those who hold the movie’s NFT will receive 20% royalty from the movie, as well as access to special behind-the-scenes content. The owners will also get the rights to select the cast and storyline of INTRADAY’s next film, or as the company calls it, the next “planet”.

intraday rompak nft
rompak nft intraday


ROMPAK NFT owners are also allowed to re-sell the artwork, with the original creators receiving a commission on each sale. The movie itself stars Zizan Razak, Tony Eusoff, Daiyan Trisha, and more. It was made by INTRADAY together with production company 4ward Pictures.

According to INTRADAY’s website, the NFT collection for ROMPAK will go live on OpenSea on 22 February at 2:22 PM. The film will be shown in cinemas in February and will be available on Astro First starting from 2 June.

(Source: INTRADAY)

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