Razer Quietly Launches Cyber Weekend Sale On Shopee And Lazada

razer black friday cyber weekend monday discount deals sale Malaysia

Razer has quietly launched a sale on its official Shopee and Lazada online stores, with discounts reaching over 50% for certain products. After reaching out to the gaming firm, a local representative confirmed that the promotion (which it referred to as Cyber Weekend) is indeed in conjunction with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period – spanning a total of three days, ending next week on 28 December 2022.

As with most shopping bonanzas, you can expect multiple products to be sold at varying discount values – some with worthwhile price cuts, while others fall under the “meh” category. Thankfully, Razer has provided us with a list of items it is featuring specially for this promotional period, enabling us to help pick out and recommend the noteworthy ones for your consideration.

Additionally, for your convenience, we’ve also included non-Cyber Weekend products that are also sold at discounted prices. These items are either part of the brand’s monthly promotion, or are listed under a separate campaign altogether.

Gaming Chairs

Razer Iskur
Razer Iskur (Image: Razer)

While not as major as most would’ve hoped, the Cyber Weekend prices for the brand’s gaming chair offerings are still worth noting if you don’t mind saving over RM 200 off their initial values. During the sales period, Razer is offering its Enki model at a discounted price of RM 1,689 (originally at RM 1,919), while the much fancier Iskur is currently sold at RM 1,859 (originally at RM 2,099).

Gaming chairs that are also on discount (but not listed as part of the Cyber Weekend sale) includes the Dark Gray Fabric and Genshin Impact versions of the Iskur. These are priced at RM 1,999 (originally at RM 2,299) and RM 1,299 (originally at RM 2,299) respectively.


Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro
Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro (Image: Razer)

The keyboard choices available specifically for this promotional period is, sadly, quite lacklustre. However, the brand does make up for this with a good number of products on discount that are not sold under the Cyber Weekend sale.

Discounted Razer keyboards sold under the weekend promotion includes the Ornata V2 and DeathStalker V2 Pro, which are priced at RM 239 (originally at RM 459) and RM 899 (originally at RM 959) respectively. Meanwhile, non-Cyber Weekend items that are worth noting includes the BlackWidow with Razer green mechanical switches at RM 359 (original: RM 539), BlackWidow V3 Pro Wireless at RM 759 (original: RM 949), and Huntsman V2 at RM 719 (original: RM 859)

Gaming Mouse

razer black friday cyber weekend monday discount deals sale Malaysia
Razer Viper Ultimate (Image: Razer)

If you’ve been on the fence about picking up a Razer gaming mouse, it’s safe to say there’s no better time than now. For this promotional period, you can pick up the Basilisk X at RM 179 (original: RM 259), while the wireless Viper Ultimate is heavily discounted at RM 399 (original: RM 639).

Models that are sold at slashed prices outside of Cyber Weekend currently includes the DeathAdder Essential at RM 89 (original: RM 169), DeathAdder V2 X at RM 199 (original: RM 279), DeathAdder V2 at RM 169 (original: RM 329), DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless at RM 339 (original: RM 579), and Basilisk V3 with RGB at RM 229 (original: RM 319).


Wireless Accessories BlackShark V2 Pro DeathAdder BlackWidow V3
Razer BlackShark V2 Pro (Image: Razer)

You’ll be glad to know that a healthy variety of Razer’s audio-based products, such as its BlackShark and Barracuda series, are offered with generous discounts. For the Cyber Weekend sale, the products listed include the BlackShark V2 X at RM 179 (original: RM 269), Kraken V3 X at RM 259 (original: RM 319), Hammerhead TWS X at only RM 179 (original: RM 349) and the Hammerhead TWS Pro at RM 489 (original: RM 929). Keep in mind that both Hammerhead TWS models are listed under pre-orders, and are expected to be in stock latest by 27 November.

Meanwhile, items under the brand’s monthly promotion includes the Hammerhead Pro V2 at RM 149 (original: RM 329), Hammerhead TWS 2021 at RM 369 (original: RM 629), BlackShark V2 at RM 339 (original: RM 519), BlackShark V2 Pro at RM 609 (original: RM 789), Barracuda X 2021 at RM 259 (original: RM 459), Opus X Wireless at RM 289 (original: RM 459), and the BlackShark V2 Pro Rainbow Six Siege Edition at RM 689 (original: RM 929).


black friday cyber weekend monday discount deals sale Malaysia
Razer Kishi (Image: Razer)

Lastly, we have an assortment of items that belong in their own respective categories such as accessories, mobile and so on. However, take note that the following products are sold under the brand’s monthly promotion rather than its Cyber Weekend sale.

These include the Razer Kishi for Android that’s currently on sale at RM 229 (original: RM 389), Kiyo webcam at RM 259 (original: RM 459), Mouse Bungee V3 Chroma at RM 169 (original: RM 199), PWM PC Fan Controller at RM 159 (original: RM 239), as well as 140 mm Kunai Chroma performance aRGB fan at RM 139 for a single unit (original: RM 219) or RM 399 for a pack of three (original RM 639).

Author’s note: The company did put up laptop products such as the Razer Book 13 and the 3070 ti variant of the Blade 14 laptop, both of which were offered with significant discounts. However, these are already sold out at the time of writing and that being said, expect other items to also be out of stock as the day progresses.

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