Razer Edge 5G Is Another Upcoming Gaming Handheld

Razer Edge 5G

Logitech G has officially unveiled its Cloud Gaming Handheld, which will launch on 17 October. But the next gaming handheld of its kind is being lined up by Razer, called the Edge 5G. And it’s being teased by US telco Verizon, of all companies.

According to a report by The Verge, the handheld is awaiting a proper reveal during RazerCon on 15 October. But Verizon has already talked about the thing a little bit at a keynote at MWC Las Vegas. Some details have also been revealed, such as the fact that the Razer Edge 5G will be running Android. It will also be able run games natively, and presumably not be limited to the mobile variety. This will give it an edge (no pun intended) over the competition from Logitech G, which is rated to only be able to run Android games stored on it.

George Koroneos, the PR Manager at Verizon, has also tagged Qualcomm on Twitter, indicating the chipmaker’s involvement in the Razer Edge 5G. The role of the chipmaker is pretty obvious, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 being shown quite prominently in the teaser video. The same can’t be said about the US telco, though one can speculate that there’s an exclusive deal of some sort for the handheld to be sold in the country.

As for the look of the Razer Edge 5G itself, it looks vaguely like the Kishi V2, complete with the thumb stick and d-pad in the wrong positions. Beyond that though, the teaser video that came with the tweet doesn’t reveal much else.

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Image: Razer

So far, it all sounds pretty exciting, with a few big questions about the Razer Edge 5G that need answering. The first is if it really is capable to running more than just Android titles natively, and if so, through what means will gamers be able to use it to play PC or console games. And tied for most important questions are what will its price be like, and if it will even be made available on our shores.

(Source: George Koroneos / Twitter, The Verge)

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