New Leak Reveals Standard iPhone 15 Also Getting Dynamic Island Feature

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Dynamic Island leak

Renders based on allegedly leaked Apple iPhone 15 series CAD files have made their way online thanks to leakster Max Weinbach, via 9to5Mac. Featured are the standard and Pro variants of this year’s line-up, revealing several interesting details in regards to their designs and potential features.

As seen from the renders, it looks like the clever cutout-hiding Dynamic Island feature will be present all across iPhone 15 models, as the standard version is also shown to sport a display with cutouts for the front-facing camera and Face ID tech. Should Weinbach’s leak turn out to be accurate, this would mean that Apple has finally discontinued the iconic iPhone notch, which has been prominently featured throughout multiple generations after the iPhone X from 2017. 

Of course, this is not the only drastic change we’ll be seeing in this year’s line-up. Also visible on both models is the shiny new USB-C port which, much to everyone’s delight, will be replacing the proprietary and outdated Lightning input. Additionally, the renders show that the frames on the iPhone 15 series are no longer flat, and would sport curved edges instead. This corroborates with a leak that was shared last week, which allegedly revealed the bottom portion of an actual iPhone 15 Pro model.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Dynamic Island leak

Besides that, the renders depicted the two variants to share similar sizes, though the non-Pro model does appear to be slightly taller. On that note, Weinbach says both iPhone models will feature 6.2-inch displays, which is slightly larger than their predecessors. Of course, this does not apply to the mini or Max versions of the iPhone 15, which will undoubtedly be smaller and larger respectively.

Flipping over to the back, we can see that Apple is keeping the same dual camera setup on the vanilla, while the Pro retains the triple camera arrangement. The only difference being the bumps housing either model’s imaging systems, which now looks like they’re actually part of the rear case instead of being a separate glass piece attached to it. And much like its predecessor, it is shown that the Pro variant’s cameras protrude more than the vanilla’s.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Dynamic Island leak
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Dynamic Island leak

Interestingly, both iPhone 15 models are still shown to feature physical buttons. This contradicts tech analyst Jeff Pu’s earlier prediction, which suggests that Apple will switch over to using haptic-based buttons for this year’s iPhone line-up. But then again, Weinbach’s leak isn’t guaranteed to be accurate either.

Of course, the only way to verify whether all of these leaks are reliable or not is through an official confirmation from Apple themselves. However, seeing that it’s still February, it will certainly take a while for that to happen.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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