Netflix Expands Spatial Audio To Over 700 Titles For Premium Users

netflix spatial audio

Despite being busy waging war on users who share accounts, Netflix has announced some good news for its Premium tier customers. For those who subscribe to the 4K plan, you will now have access to over 700 titles treated with spatial audio for no extra charge, including popular titles such as Stranger Things, The Watcher, Wednesday, and Knives Out: Glass Onion.

The streaming giant initially rolled out spatial audio on its platform last year, but it was limited to only a few titles. Now, the feature is available on hundreds of movies and tv shows, expanding it from just a gimmick into a proper offering. To see the full list of titles with spatial audio, just type “spatial audio” into the Netflix search bar.

netflix spatial audio

Moreover, the streamer said that it will be adding spatial audio to popular new titles on its platform, including upcoming shows and movies like You, Your Place or Mine, Luther: The Fallen Sun, and Tour de France. Of course, the feature is being paywalled for its lower-tier subscribers.

The company also announced another change to the 4K plan that improves the offline watching experience. Premium subscribers will now be able to download titles onto six devices for offline viewing, up from the previous limit of four — it’s still limited to four devices streaming simultaneously.

netflix plans

Netflix’s Premium plan costs RM55 per month, which might not be affordable for everyone. However, subscribers of the Basic plan have not been left out of these free upgrades as a few months ago, the maximum resolution for the tier was upped from 480p to 720p while the price stayed the same.

The streamer also released the Nike Training Club workouts last month, available to all subscribers with a second batch of episodes coming this year. It also has plans to launch a cloud gaming service to its users to push its mobile games.

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