MSI Announces Project 491C, A 49-Inch Ultra-wide QD-OLED Gaming Monitor

MSI recently posted across its social media accounts the announcement of a brand new gaming monitor that it is currently working on. Known simply as Project 491C at the moment, the monitor is, by the brand’s own admission, an ultrawide curved gaming monitor.

Expected to be announced during its CES 2023 keynote next year in Las Vegas, MSI claims that Project 491C will be an ultrawide curved gaming monitor fitted with not just any display panel, but a Quantum Dot (QD) OLED panel. If that is the case, that would make it the first ultrawide curved gaming monitor to be fitted with Samsung-made display technology. In addition to the panel, it would also have an equally high refresh rate of 240Hz. Also, if the name didn’t already give it away, it is also expected to have a display real estate of 49-inches.

Unfortunately, that’s about all the details that MSI is willing to share about Project 491C. As it stands, we still don’t know if the upcoming curved gaming monitor is going to be an NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible or an AMD FreeSync monitor, or even which tier of the latter it is going to support.

It also isn’t clear as to what the exact resolution is going be, but seeing how Project 491C is an ultrawide monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio, it is very likely to be a 3440 x 1440 panel, bare minimum. However, in this day and age, it wouldn’t surprise us if MSI breaks from the norm and introduces this gaming monitor as an ultrawide 4K panel.

This isn’t MSI’s first foray into the realm of QD OLED display panels. Prior to Project 491C, the Taiwanese brand had launched the 32-inch Optix MPG321UR-QD, a QD gaming monitor that we very recently reviewed and found its overall display output to be colourful, sharp, and clear across the board.

(Source: Twitter)

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