Hundreds more Malaysians to be evacuated from India

A boy plays on a mobile phone sitting on a windowsill of his house during a lockdown to prevent the spread of new coronavirus in Mumbai, India. (AP Photo)

NEW DELHI: Hundreds of stranded Malaysians will be brought home on evacuation flights from India within days.

A flight from Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu was scheduled to leave for Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday night with 181 people. Evacuation flights are planned on Saturday and Sunday from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur, while those stranded in Chennai and Tiruchirappalli will have a chance to leave between Thursday and Sunday.

Malaysians who return from abroad will be immediately quarantined for 14 days under coronavirus control measures, the Malaysian Government has said.

A few Malaysians may decide to delay their return home due to the new rules, according to a person assisting the stranded Malaysians.

Thousands of Malaysians visiting India were stranded in the country after scheduled passenger flights were suspended last month as part of India's COVID-19 fight. About 1,450 had been evacuated on special flights until Monday.

The number of COVID-19 positive cases in India was 1,637 on Wednesday evening, with death count being 45. — BERNAMA