Here’s The Steam Sales Schedule For The Rest Of 2023

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Usually, we’d keep an eye out for Steam sales to be announced, or for them to be leaked a little ahead of time. Though it looks like there will be no need for that this year, as Valve has laid out the official schedule for its sales and fests for the rest of 2023.

For its four major seasonal sales, we have the Spring Sale between 16 and 23 March. Next comes the Summer Sale, which is dated between 29 June and 13 July. Then there’s the Autumn Sale, scheduled to happen between 21 and 28 November. And finally, the Winter Sale will start on 21 December, and ends 4 January of next year.

Steam Sale & Fest schedule 2023
Source: Steam.

Sprinkled in between the Spring and Autumn Sales though are a ton of Fests, which is usually a time to try out demos or chat with developers instead. Notably though, there’s an entry that reads “Steam Scream Fest (Halloween)”. One would expect that to be the occasional Halloween sale, but from this, it’s possible that it’s getting delegated to a mere Fest. That being said, additional details are said to be coming later.

This comes via post filed under Steamworks Development Events, which means that this was meant for the eyes of developers and publishers rather than the public. But since we can see it anyway, we might as well make use of it to prepare.

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Source: Steam

Either way, with Valve providing the schedule for fests and sales for the rest of the year, you can now plan ahead for your purchases. But as always, the disclaimer is that these are not quite set in stone. For what it’s worth, Valve says that “while we don’t anticipate any changes to this schedule or the included events, we reserve the right to make adjustments as needed”.

(Source: Steam)

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