Astro Adds WeTV To Its Ultra Box Service

Astro Adds WeTV Ultra Box Service

Astro today officially announced that it has welcomed the 11th entry to its list of premium streaming apps available via its Ultra Box service. Joining the likes of BBC Player, Disney+ Hotstar, HBO GO, iQIYI and Netflix is Tencent’s WeTV, which boasts numerous content including Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian as well as Malaysian TV shows and movies.

The company notes that all users are able to enjoy WeTV content on its Ultra Box system for free, and no login is required. However, these are limited to select shows, movies or episodes under the streaming service’s non-VIP category. Accessing its entire collection, of course, will require you to be registered under the WeTV VIP subscription that’s offered by Astro at only RM10.50 per month, which is RM1.40 less than the service’s actual price of RM11.90/month.

Astro adds that subscribing to WeTV will also enable users to enjoy advanced access to exclusive and ad-free content, on top of streaming thousands of shows via Ultra Box, as well as the Tencent-owned service’s mobile app and web player. In regards to the aforementioned shows and movies, included are Chinese dramas such as Prosecution Elite, The Love You Give Me and Love of Replica; Indonesian web series Layangan Putus; animated shows such as Soul Land, Perfect World; and much more.

Astro Adds WeTV Ultra Box Service
Screengrab from Astro’s official WeTV page.

To subscribe to the newly included streaming service via Astro, head on over to this link and then select “Get WeTV now”. This will then prompt you to login with your Astro ID, as well as asking you to key in your phone number for verification. Once validated, the service will be added to your bill.

To add it to your Ultra Box, simply open up your Astro Home Page and select “WeTV” under the Apps Rail. From there, click “Log In” and scan the on-screen QR code with your mobile device to download or launch the streaming service’s app to pair with your TV. Keep in mind that you’ll need to register for a WeTV account if you’ve not done so at this point.

Lastly, the company says you can cancel your VIP subscription through WeTV’s website or mobile app, as well as directly Astro’s own website via this link. However, the official FAQ notes that Astro will not be able to offer a refund if you decide to leave before your subscription period ends.

(Source: Astro press release / official website)

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