Canada’s campaign to stop Covid-19

Canada has launched a number of interactive games and public service messages on Instagram to curb the spread of Covid 19. Below are a few examples:

The StayHome campaign on OOH and TV

Irresponsible Invites (Social)

Even though major public events have been cancelled, some people still sit on the fence about casual get-togethers or family celebrations. These invitations urge people to reconsider the social plans in their calendars.

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RSVP (Social)

Some people don’t understand the severity of COVID-19 and are still frequenting social events. This series of Instagram stories reiterates that social gatherings can be fatal and encourages people to #StayHome.

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Covid Crossing (Game)

An online simulation game built for the era of social distancing. Players will be tasked to make certain decisions that may or may not lead to a ‘Game Over’ based on their actions around public safety.

The Uninvited Guest (Facebook)

A Facebook profile for the COVID-19 virus that seeks out public events scheduled for the near future, so organizers will receive notifications that “COVID-19 is coming to your event.”

The virus’s profile will remind organizers and guests to Rethink Social Visits Please.

Keep Your Social Distance (Social)

Many people think an afternoon at the park, dinner at grandma’s or a backyard BBQ is harmless. This video lets them know that their social visits can have severe consequences for themselves and others.

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