Yoodo Introduces Free 5G Trial For Its Users


Customisable MVNO Yoodo has finally enabled 5G access for its users after teasing the feature earlier this month. That being said, the rollout of the next-generation network is not on a wide basis just yet but is instead being launched on a trial basis starting today.

The 5G network is available for both existing and new users of the platform, but it requires you to manually opt in through the Yoodo app. This trial pass is free to add on and can be used on any supported Android phone as long as you are in an area with 5G coverage.

Image: Yoodo

Keep in mind that if you currently have an active plan and you want to activate 5G, you will have to change your plan immediately. However, this will see you being charged the full amount before your current plan ends and will reset your cycle. If you’re willing to wait, you can have the pass be applied on your next payment cycle instead.

The pass is applicable for any high-speed data plan 10GB and above, with 5G connections utilising the quota from both the base data plan and add-ons. This means that if you’re subscribed to less than 10GB or are using Yoodo’s unlimited data plans, you won’t be able to opt into the trial.


According to Yoodo’s FAQ, users can also use 5G while roaming if they are subscribed to the Roam Like Home pass. As for the hotspot function, the high-speed network can be used as a hotspot as long as the devices you are using are capable of outputing and receiving 5G connection.

Yoodo’s 5G trial pass works even if you are using eSIM and you do not have to order a new SIM card to enable it if you are using a physical one. The MVNO has not clarified when exactly the free trial will end but for now, it can’t be purchased as an add-on or booster.

(Source: Yoodo)

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