Unifi Mobile Amends FUP Cap For Prepaid Unlimited Monthly Pass To 60GB

TM will be making another huge change to the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) cap that applies to the Unifi Mobile Prepaid’s monthly unlimited data pass. Under the updated policy [pdf], the pass which costs RM35 will have a combined 4G and 5G data cap of 60GB per month.

Not only that, the pass’ hotspot quota will be reduced as well to 5GB and both of these changes will be put in place on 9 February 2023. However, the FUP and hotspot quota for the weekly, daily, and 2 hours unlimited passes remained the same.

Unifi Mobile Prepaid Unlimited FUP - Feb 2023
[Image: Unifi Mobile.]

The revision came as a surprise, given that TM has just implemented a new FUP and hotspot quota in late December 2022 which was barely three months ago. At that time, the company revised the policy to include a FUP limit of 100GB per month although this was only applied to 4G usages and not 5G.

The FUP revision back in December also includes a cap of 20GB and 10GB for weekly and daily plans, respectively. As for the hotspot quota, the monthly plan was capped at 10GB while there was also a 3GB limit for the weekly plan as well as 1GB for the daily plan.

Unifi Mobile Prepaid Unlimited FUP - Dec 2022
[Image: Unifi Mobile.]

In a separate FAQ document [pdf], TM noted that the 5G trial for Unifi Mobile Prepaid will end on 8 February 2023. The company did not explicitly mention the relationship between the 5G trial’s end date and the implementation of the new FUP policy but we would not be surprised if that’s one of the main reasons behind the drastic changes.

At the time this article goes live, Unifi Mobile’s website is still citing FUP and the hotspot quota that was implemented in December. That being said, the telco has begun sending notifications to its customers regarding the changes that are going to take place next week.

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