Razer Project Carol Is A High-Tech Gaming Chair Headrest

Razer Project Carol

By now, gaming peripheral brand Razer is longer a stranger to the gaming chair market. The company has introduced a few variants since the introduction of its first one, the Iskur. Naturally, the only way forward is to take things to the next level, and introduce a smart headrest for gaming chairs instead. Revealed as part of its CES 2023 showcase, Razer calls this Project Carol.

The company claims that this is the first head cushion with near-field surround sound and haptics. For the former, Razer says that Project Carol boasts 7.1 near-field surround sound. The latter goes sort of hand-in-hand with the former, as sounds are also converted into haptic feedback via the brand’s HyperSense tech, just in case the sound of the action isn’t immersive enough.

Razer Project Carol haptics
Source: Razer.

Razer says that Project Carol is natively supported on PC, which means it doesn’t need additional software. That would be impressive, especially considering all of its peripherals need the Synapse app to access full functionality. It connects to PCs via 2.4GHz wireless, and has a battery life of eight hours before needing to be recharged. If you want to keep using it in perpetuity, then you better have an extra-long USB-C cable ready.

You also don’t necessarily need to have a Razer gaming chair first to be able to make use of Project Carol. The company says that it is “designed to fit with all gaming chairs”, though this naturally includes the brand’s own Iskur and Enki lines. This is possible thanks to its elastic, adjustable straps.

Razer Project Carol straps
Source: Razer.

All this sounds exciting and absurd in equal parts. But as the name suggests, Project Carol is what Razer calls a Concept Design. Which means that it may or may not actually make it into the market as an actual product, which in turn means no price of availability yet. Though if you like your gaming chairs, then this is probably a good accessory for your accessory, if you have the funds for it.

(Source: Razer)

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