PlayStation Access Controller Is The Official Name For Project Leonardo

PlayStation Access Controller

At about the very beginning of the year, PlayStation announced what it called at the time Project Leonardo, an accessibility-focused controller for the PS5 console. Now, the company has announced the name that the controller will be shipped with. And it’s about as intuitive a name as it gets, because it will simply be known as the Access controller.

During the initial announcement, PlayStation shared plenty about what the Access controller is all about. There’s some rehashing of these details as well, such as the button customisabilty and the pairing of two to a DualSense controller. That being said, the one new detail on the outside is that the controller can be secured using an AMPS mount or tripod, if putting it on the table is not ideal.

PlayStation Access Controller orientation
Source: PlayStation.

Now, alongside the new name, the company has some new details to share, though these are mostly on the software side of things. The new announcement on the PlayStation blog details what setting up the Access controller will look like on the PS5 UI. This starts with the setting up of the controller’s orientation, which is largely just to make sure that it matches with the analogue stick input. Of course, you also have the option to set the sticks’ sensitivity and deadzone.

PlayStation Access Controller customisation
Source: PlayStation.

Then there’s the button assignment stage, though most of these are pretty intuitive from just looking at the hardware. Being an accessibility-focused controller, you also have the option to turn some buttons off completely. Unless you take screenshots or record gameplay clips frequently, one can imagine that the Share button is the one that gets turned off right off the bat.

Despite the new name and batch of details, PlayStation says that the Access controller is still a product in development. Naturally, this means that the company is far from ready to pin a release date or a price on it.more details will be drip-fed over the coming months.

(Source: PlayStation)

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