Microsoft Phone Link For iOS Now Available For All Windows 11 Users

microsoft Phone Link iOS Windows 11

As promised, Microsoft recently announced that iPhone support for its Phone Link app is now available for all Windows 11 users. First announced in February when it was first being trialed, the feature can now be widely used across all iOS devices.

For those of you unfamiliar with Phone Link, the app has been around for Windows and Android devices, as far back as 2015. Basically, it allows you to make and take phone calls directly from your PC, along with viewing and replying messages, all without having to pick up your mobile device. For that matter, support for the phone will roll out in 39 languages and across 85 markets.

That being said, Phone Link with iOS is far from perfect. Specifically, it still doesn’t support iMessage syncing, meaning you won’t be able to do group chats or send videos and images. Additionally, it still reportedly cannot do voice messages either. That said, it is likely that Microsoft could address those problems a little later down the road, but to be fair, we’re not holding out breath. The good news, though, is that aside from having access to your calls, messages, and contacts, you’ll also be able to view your iCloud photos in Windows’ Photos using its iCloud integration.

To get set up with Phone Link, iPhone users will need to search for the Phone Link app on your PC. Upon opening the app, you’ll be greeted with the usual fare of setup instructions – simply use your iPhone to scan the QR code generated by in the app. Once done, the phone should pair up with your laptop or desktop PC via Bluetooth, and you’ll need to enable and allow certain permissions on both machines. Oh, and your iPhone will need to be running iOS version 14.0 or later, in order for the app to function properly.

(Source: Engadget, Microsoft via Twitter)

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