iPhone 14 Available From RM3549 In Malaysia Thanks To Ongoing Sale

iPhone 14 Colours - March 2023

March of this year was a mildly good time to pick up an iPhone 14 or the Plus model, since Apple Authorised Resellers were giving the phone a modest discount following the release of the yellow cololurway. If you didn’t bite the bullet then, the chance is making a comeback, providing a slightly better deal if you decide to get it now. If you’re interested, you could pick up an iPhone 14 with a starting price of RM3549.

This is due to a discount that local reseller Machines is having via its official store on Shopee. It’s a modest 15% discount, but this sees the base 128GB model of the iPhone 14 getting RM650 cut from its usual price. And it’s basically the same amount that’s been slashed for all configurations of both the base and Plus model.

Machines Shopee iPhone 14 sale
Source: Machines / Shopee.

Here’s the price difference between their retail prices and their current price with the discount:

  • iPhone 14
    • 128GB – RM4,199 > RM3,549
    • 256GB – RM4,699 > RM4,049
    • 512GB – RM5,699 > RM5,049
  • iPhone 14 Plus
    • 128GB – RM4,699 > RM4,049
    • 256GB – RM5,199 > RM4,549
    • 512GB – RM6,199 > RM5,549
Source: Machines / Shopee.

Machines is not the only one offering the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus at discounted prices. Fellow Apple Authorised Reseller Switch is also offering a similar discount under what it dubs the Shocking Sale. Though the discount is overall RM50 less than what the former is offering. Then there’s also the timer on said sale which, at the time of publishing, will only be on for another 30 minutes.

As for the discount that Machines is offering, there is no clear end date to them at the moment. That being said, stocks are limited, so expect some combinations of colour and storage capacity to have already run out. If you’re interested, you can check out the discounts offered by both resellers on their official Shopee store pages, linked below.

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