HyperX Cloud III Gaming Headset Hands On: Quality Of Life Improvements

Earlier this Computex 2023 week, HyperX announced the 3rd iteration of its Cloud gaming headset, the aptly named Cloud III. The headset is both clearly and obviously a follow-up act to the Cloud II, which is a carry-forward from when the HP subsidiary was still a core part of the Kingston family.

Now, let’s be clear on one thing: the Cloud III isn’t wireless, so regardless of the kind of audio snob you are, you’re at the mercy of a very long two-part USB cable. The good news, however, is that one of the updates to the headset is its dual USB-C and USB-A nature, the latter being an adapter while the actual cable actually uses the former. That said, it also still uses a 3.5mm cable that connects to the hub on the other end of the USB cable.

Speaking of the hub, the volume wheel of the Cloud III is no longer installed on the extension. Instead, you’ll now find it situated behind the right earcup. However, rather than a continuous scrolling wheel, it actually has a scroll ceiling that locks out when the volume is maxed out.

The next improvement of the Cloud III is the microphone. With the new headset, HyperX is ditching the foam cover typically used on headphone mics. In its place, the mic is now protected by a built-in mesh pop filter. It’s also bigger than its predecessor, going from 6mm to 10mm, allowing for greater clarity whenever you speak.

Another change to the Cloud III is the drivers. They are still the same 53mm drivers but with this generation, HyperX has built them at an angle, so as to better drive the sound into your ears. This design methodology is actually used by some premium headphone brands and technically speaking, it is angled in such a way to accommodate the general shape of our ears.

As for audio quality, I can only say, for now, that the headphones are loud with no signs of breaking, but I will have to reserve all judgment until I can properly sit down and give it a full rundown in my lab. Oh, and it also supports Spatial Audio, in the form of DTS Headphone: X.

I can report that HyperX seems to have elevated the comfort factor of the Cloud III. The signature red headband now has been given an extra serving of memory foam, and gone are those iconic red stitches that were once an icon of the brand. Even the memory foam around the earcups has been fattened up, providing a much more comfortable fit but again, whether it provides that same level of comfort over prolonged use, I’ll only be able to make that determination with a full-on review.

The HyperX Cloud III will be available from 6 June onwards and will retail at an SRP of RM399.

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