Bokeh Game Studio Warns Of Malware Attacks Using Its Name


It can sometimes be flattering if a video games developer studio says you’ve been chosen to help promote its game. But as is the case with anything on the internet, it pays to be careful. Bokeh Game Studio, the dev team behind the upcoming Slitterhead horror title has claimed on Twitter that cybercriminals are sending emails using its name to spread malware.

As Bokeh Game Studio explains in the tweet, people – and even companies – have been getting emails claiming to have “chosen” the recipient to promote the dev’s game. The studio claims that such emails come with virus attachments that recipients should not open, and to ignore such emails or to report them as spam. Rightly or otherwise, the studio has addressed those who sent the fake emails as “silly people”.

While that’s sound advice in general, it’s not that difficult to understand why Bokeh Game Studio and its upcoming horror title Slitterhead were chosen as fronts for the cybercriminals. The game was first revealed in last year’s edition of The Game Awards, which was close to a year ago. With there haven’t been any significant updates, if any at all, about the game, which has a broad release window of 2023. Anyone getting an email claiming to have chosen them to promote the upcoming horror title would probably have been ecstatic.

If you’re unfamiliar with the studio, Bokeh Game Studio was formed back in 2020, shortly before PlayStation shut down its Japan Studio. The studio was formed by Silent Hill co-creator Keiichiro Toyama, alongside Junya Okura and Kazunobu Sato, all three who were from the former PlayStation first party dev team.

With this year’s edition of The Game Awards coming up soon, chances are we will hear more about Slitterhead before its release next year. A concrete release date, or at least a release month, would be nice to see.

(Source: Bokeh Game Studio / Twitter)

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