BBDO Guerrero launches ‘community shields’ campaign to support frontliners

BBDO Guerrero has launched a campaign aimed at addressing the lack of personal protective equipment (PPEs) for community frontliners
working as delivery guys, market vendors, garbage collectors, neighborhood bakers, community watchmen, and the like.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared a worldwide shortage of PPEs. #CommunityShields is an initiative to raise awareness on the
lack of PPEs for Community Frontliners.

This is a project by the Philippine Chamber of Business and Professionals, Shanghai founder Carol Ong and celebrity movie director Marlon Rivera. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has officially begun recommending more widespread mask-wearing, particularly in areas of significant community-based transmission (such as grocery stores and pharmacies) where our community frontliners are based.

The idea is to turn individual home quarantines into a network of home factories for face shields, to help protect supermarket cashiers, bank tellers, security guards, and deliverymen and other often ignored community frontliners. BBDO Guerrero amplified the initiative designing a series of posters that can be shared via existing distribution networks and in print – as well as on social platforms.

The instructional posters and social posts are aimed at teaching people how to make face shields using materials that are readily available at home; such as plastic book covers, hats, and soda bottles. Carol Ong says: “Community frontliners can protect, or can infect entire neighborhoods. But how many are protected by face shields? We want to enable communities to shield their own frontliners; and be part of the solution. We urge makers to post #CommunityShields and their creations on social media, to consolidate all ideas in one easy search.”

BBDO Guerrero Creative Chairman David Guerrero adds: “Communication can play a critical role at this time. Educating and inspiring people to help with what they can do from their homes can help provide valuable aid to our frontliners who continuously risk their lives for the benefit of the entire community.”

Community Shields is on Facebook and Instagram. Help spread the word by posting your DIY face shield online with #CommunityShields.
2.Instagram: @communityshieldsph