The Next Nintendo Console May Launch In Late 2024

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Exactly six years ago this month, The Nintendo Switch officially made its debut and since then, it has been a groundbreaking success for the Japanese gaming brand, being the 3rd best-selling console on the market, but above all else, redefined the portable gaming console landscape. A successor to the console is arguably long overdue and based on the latest internet gossip, fans of the console may have to wait that little bit longer for it.

Reports and speculations are suggesting that Nintendo’s next major console could make its appearance towards the tail end of 2024, which is clearly still a long way to go. Note that we said console and not Switch, for the simple reason that, whether the game company intends to stick to its wildly successful portability formula, is anybody’s guess at this point.

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Another rumour that points to the existence of this unnamed future Nintendo console actually comes from an unlikely source: Microsoft Activision files, acquired by the UK government. It was within these files that a brief mention of the Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) subscription that mentions of the current console and another device was fingered. The official name of the device was redacted but suffice to say, that could be the future console.

Of course, there are those that actually believe that Nintendo will release its next-generation console much earlier, as in “this year” early, and they even have leaked information that allegedly proves their point. Centro LEAKS (@CentroLeaks) claims to such a leak is one such example, confidently saying that the next products will indeed be new and improved Switch-like consoles.

Pulling over to the sidebar for a bit, a Nintendo spokesperson had confirmed in a podcast session with Digital Foundry that the company had planned for a Switch Pro to be made, but it was cancelled due to fears of it being another Wii U resolution – the console was more powerful than the original Wii console, but failed to garner the same enthusiasm and popularity as its predecessor, therefore making it a flop.

That being said, the Nintendo spokesperson said he did believe that the next console will likely be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra T239 SoC, and may be capable of pulling off NVIDIA-centric features, including DLSS. Whatever it is called, we’re just going to have to twiddle our thumbs and wait for the company’s official word on it, for now.

(Source: Techspot)

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