Infinix 260W All-Round FastCharge Technology To Go Official This Week

Infinix 260W All-Round FastCharge

Infinix has revealed that the company will officially launch a new fast-charging technology called All-Round FastCharge later this week. The unveiling of the new rapid charging technology is taking place less than a year after the company announced the 180W Thunder Charge technology last July.

While Infinix is still keeping in-depth details regarding the tech under wraps, early information provided by the company noted that its All-Round FastCharge technology is able to deliver a power output of up to 260W for wired charging. At the same time, it has also been designed for wireless charging with an output of up to 110W.

Infinix 260W All-Round FastCharge
If you take a closer look at this charger, you may notice that the “Thunder Charge” branding is still being used here. [Image: Infinix.]

Aside from the incredibly high power rating which essentially means a faster charging time, the company also said that its new charging solution is also built “intelligent”. Infinix clarifies this by saying that the All-Round FastCharge was not only designed to deliver rapid charging but also to allow for a “safe, flexible, and smart” charging experience.

The company also said that the charging architecture involved the implementation of an Advanced High-Performance Bus (AHB) circuit design and a four-pump parallel design. That being said, there is still plenty of information that Infinix has not yet disclosed to the public.

Infinix Zero Ultra -180W Thunder Charge
The Thunder Charge implementation on Zero Ultra involved a dual-cell battery and GaN charger. [Image: Infinix.]

For example, the company did not talk about the duration that it would take to fully charge an Infinix phone with All-Round FastCharge 260W wired and 110W wireless solution. As a comparison, the 180W Thunder Charge technology on the Infinix Zero Ultra allows the phone’s 4500mAh battery to be fully charged in just 12 minutes.

However, the brand did inform us that the All-Round FastCharge technology will be making its debut through a new Infinix Note model. Nevertheless, we expect more to come from Infinix once the official launch of the All-Round FastCharge technology takes place on 9 March.

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