Here Come The New UNI5G Postpaid Plans: Starts At RM39 Per Month With 30GB Quota

Unifi Mobile UNI5G Postpaid - February 2023

TM has revamped its Unifi Mobile Postpaid offering which is now known as the UNI5G Postpaid. Available in three different plans, only two of them are available for the time being including the UNI5G Postpaid 39 and UNI5G Postpaid 65.

As you may be able to tell from its name, the UNI5G Postpaid 39 costs RM39 per month and provides a data quota of 30GB which covers both 4G as well as 5G connection. On the other hand, the UNI5G Postpaid 65 is priced at RM65 per month and has a data quota of 60GB.

Once customers hit those data quotas, their connection would be throttled to 512Kbps according to the FAQ document of Unifi’s website dated 16 February 2023 [pdf]. That being said, they can restore the normal speed by purchasing an extra quota which costs RM15 for 5GB and RM50 for 20GB.

Unifi Mobile UNI5G Postpaid - February 2023
As captured at 5:45 PM today. [Image: Unifi Mobile.]

Alternatively, TM will also be offering the UNI5G Postpaid 89 in the near future which has an unlimited data quota. Being an “unlimited” product, we believe this plan most probably still has a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) limit attached to it but we couldn’t find any mention of the FUP limit in the FAQ document that we mentioned above.

All three UNI5G Postpaid plans also come with a 10GB hotspot quota alongside unlimited voice calls although customers would be charged RM0.15 per message when they send SMSes. They come with no contract as well with the exception of UNI5G Postpaid 89 which has a 24-month contract although this only applies if the customer chooses to pick up a 5G device together with the plan.

The new UNI5G Postpaid plans also come with one very particular limitation that applies only to non-5G phones. In this Specific Terms document dated 14 February 2023 [pdf], users’ access could be suspended if they make more than 2,000 minutes of voice calls and/or utilize 5GB of data as TM argued that its UNI5G plans are only optimised for 5G devices.

Prior to the revamp, Unifi Mobile customers are able to utilise unlimited data, voice calls, and SMS with 5G support via the Ultimate Plan which was priced at RM79 per month. The plan can also be obtained at a slightly lower price of RM59 per month if you choose to obtain it with a 12-month contract.

Meanwhile, the 16 February FAQ document also noted that the existing 4G-only Unifi Mobile Postpaid plans are no longer available to customers starting from today onwards. For those who were not aware of these plans which were also known as the Value Plans, here they are:

Unifi Mobile Postpaid Value Plans
[Image: Unifi – pdf.]

As part of the launch, customers are able to obtain a perpetual discount of RM10 per month for the UNIF5G Postpaid 65 plan if they sign up from 17 February until 30 April 2023, according to the same FAQ document. Despite what was mentioned in the document, the public actually not able to get their hands on the new UNI5G Postpaid plans immediately though.

This is because they still have to wait for TM to complete the upgrading process of Unifi’s apps and website, as noted by Unifi’s customer service agent on Twitter. Hence, you may want to keep a look at Unifi’s website from time to time if you planning to sign up for any of the new UNI5G Postpaid plans.

Thanks to @murtaza_mustafa for the tips!

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