EA Shutting Down Apex Legends Mobile; Cancels Battlefield Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile

EA gave its hero-based battle royale Apex Legends a mobile port just last year, and it looks like the game is already on its last legs. The announcement was a pretty low key one, with the company publishing the announcement as an update to its mobile strategies. The game’s publisher, Respawn Entertainment, at least followed it up on Twitter with a link to a post on the publisher’s website.

As per the post, Respawn says that contributing to the shutdown of the Apex Legends Mobile port was the declining “quality, quantity and cadence” for its updates. As is usually the case when such thing happens, the game is stopping players from buying premium currency. The game is also being removed from web stores, so there won’t be any new players either. That being said, existing players can continue playing and spending premium currency that they already have. And finally, on 1 May, the game will be shut down completely.

In the same silent announcement, EA has also said that Battlefield Mobile is being cancelled. Technically, the term used by the publisher was “to stop development”, but since this one was never officially released, the term cancellation seemed more appropriate. Instead, only a handful of countries got the chance to participate in its beta, before it met its ultimate fate.

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Source: EA / Google.

According to VentureBeat, EA announced in its third fiscal quarter report that it is also shutting down Industrial Toys, the developer for Battlefield Mobile. The report also notes that the publisher bought the developer back in 2018, which means to the list of companies shut down by the publisher. The report also notes that the company had to “reimagine how we bring Battlefield to life on mobile”, which doesn’t exactly mean much in terms of explaining the decision to cancel the mobile port.

(Source: EA, VentureBeat)

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