COVID-19: 741 new cases in Singapore, tally at 20,939

Commuters wearing masks in precaution of the coronavirus outbreak are pictured in a train during their morning commute in Singapore. – Pic REUTERS

SINGAPORE: Singapore has preliminarily confirmed an additional 741 cases of COVID-19 infection, bringing the tally to 20,939.

The republic's Ministry of Health (MOH) said only 11 cases involved Singaporeans or permanent residents while the “vast majority” of the cases involved foreign workers residing at dormitories.

In a statement today, the ministry said it is still working on the details of the cases and will provide an update later in the day.

In detailed data released late Wednesday, Singapore has so far classified 1,254 as community cases, 579 as imported cases and 607 cases involving work permit holders residing outside dorms.

Foreign workers at dorms, meanwhile, dominated Wednesday’s tally of 20,198, taking about 88 per cent or 17,758 cases.

As there have been no more cases linked to Wilby Residences at Wilby Road for the past two incubation periods, the cluster has now been closed, said the ministry.

The republic also identified seven new clusters on Wednesday. – BERNAMA