ASUS ROG Ally Arriving In Malaysia On July 2023

If you’ve been wondering when the ASUS ROG Ally will be arriving in Malaysia, the wait is sort of over. ASUS Malaysia posted on its social media that the handheld gaming console will be landing on our shore in July this year, although no specific launch date was given.

The ROG Ally is technically already available for preorder globally and will begin shipping out from 13 June onwards. The official global pricing for the handheld is set at US$699 (~RM3,172), and that is for the model fitted with the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU. As of now, there is still no local pricing but that’s likely to change come July. The primary reason for the availability announcement, according to ASUS, is due to some fans having noticed that some grey import dealers have gotten their hands on some units and are selling them at what has been described as “scalper pricing”.

Beyond the local launch window, there is no additional information about the ROG Ally, at least not beyond what we already know about the console. You can check out our hands-on with it but as a quick recap on the internal specifications, the Ally is powered by the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme, an SoC that was built after ASUS issued a challenge to the chipmaker. That being said, the chipset isn’t exclusive to the handheld and AMD has said that it will make it available to other handheld console brands, should they wish to use it.

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Other specifications include a 7-inch 16:9 Full HD display with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz and brightness of 500 nits. There is also 16GB LPDDR5 RAM running at 6400MHz, as well as 512GB PCIe Gen4 storage. There is also a microSD card reader at the top of the console, allowing gamers to expand the storage if the internal storage gets too full. More importantly, the console runs on the desktop version of Windows 11, making it one of the most compact device to run with the operating system.

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