WeClass Unveils Solutions to Bridge the Gap Understanding between Teachers and Students

SAN JOSE, CA, October 05, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – WeClass, founded by 3 San Jose Highschoolers, is proud to announce their solutions to provide a new and efficient method to bridge the gap in understanding between teachers and students.

“Any questions?” These two words reverberate across classrooms worldwide, only to be met with silence. Many teachers take this for understanding, but the silence masks a pervasive issue in education. Students hold back genuine questions due to the fear of social judgment. And in today’s world, there isn’t a convenient environment for students to collaborate and ask questions alongside their peers and teachers.

WeClass is a platform created by three San Jose high school students that gives educators new ways to better engage their student audiences using teacher created online classrooms. These classrooms allow students to view educational media and discuss the content at a deeper level on the spot, contribute to discussions and questions with anonymity, demonstrate engagement to teachers, and bridge gaps in understanding from teacher-student.

WeClass is engineered to enrich the traditional learning model by integrating a forum-like response system within the context of educational videos. Here’s how it unfolds: Teachers initiate the process by creating an online classroom on WeClass, whose link is then shared with the students. Students use this link to access the classroom, watch the assigned video embedded within, and have the opportunity to comment on different segments of the video that they find challenging or have questions about. These comments are visible to both the teacher and fellow students, creating a dynamic forum for discussion and clarification.

A significant advantage of WeClass is the anonymity students have in their interactions with each other, fostering a safe and conducive learning environment. While students’ identities remain anonymous to their peers, teachers are able to view the real names, enabling them to understand which students may need additional help. This ensures a judgment-free zone for students to engage with the material while also allowing teachers to identify and assist students who may be falling behind.

The practical utility of WeClass extends to a wide range of subjects. For instance, a biology teacher aiming to explore the intricacies of cellular respiration could assign a video explaining this process. As students navigate through the video on the WeClass platform, they can pause and comment on specific timestamps, asking questions or expressing confusion about certain aspects like the electron transport chain or the Krebs cycle. In doing so, the teacher is able to encourage students to engage in discussions, ask questions, and provide peer-to-peer explanations within the WeClass platform. This process showcases the platform’s capacity to adapt to a broad spectrum of educational needs, making it a versatile tool in today’s digital learning ecosystem.

WeClass is inviting educators and educational institutions to explore this novel platform and become part of a transformative educational movement that aligns with the modern-day digital learning paradigm. For more information about WeClass, or to schedule an interview with the founders, please contact: weclass.us@gmail.com

About WeClass

WeClass is an edtech startup founded by three high school students from San Jose, CA: Jay Rajesh, Rayyan Hussain, and Abdulhannan Mohammad. The platform is designed to foster interactive learning by allowing teachers to assign video content as part of the coursework, and enabling students to engage in video-specific discussions or pose questions to bridge comprehension gaps.

Media Contact

Brand: WeClass

Founders: Jay Rajesh, Rayyan Hussain, and Abdulhannan Mohammad

Website: https://www.weclass.us/


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