WeClass debuts in Six Bay Area Schools, demonstrating the Power of their EdTech Platform

Bay Area Schools utilize EdTech Platform WeClass to Introduce a New Approach to Digital Learning

SAN JOSE, CA, October 30, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Today, WeClass is proud to announce that their EdTech platform has been implemented in six schools in the Bay Area, showing great success.

After its initial launch, WeClass, a new EdTech platform created by three San Jose high school students, is now making waves in multiple Bay Area high schools. Designed to bridge the gap between teachers and students, the platform is rapidly becoming a tool for meaningful and interactive classroom discussions. WeClass utilizes online classrooms in which students remain anonymous to one another, an innovative model which has now been adopted by schools not just in San Jose, but across the Bay Area.

WeClass is now operating in 6 schools with 23 teachers trying the “online classroom” feature. Schools report that the platform has particularly helped in classes where students typically hesitate to participate, such as mathematics and the sciences. The model – which uses forum-like response threads within educational media – has been effective in increasing in-class engagement. At Mission San Jose, 3 teachers reported a “30% growth in engagement” while other MSJ educators noted significant increases in class participation. One chemistry teacher claimed, “WeClass has been so helpful” in weeding out questions about “balancing equations.” It “speeds up the learning process and helps us focus on more complex topics.”

A surprising but welcome development has been the emergence of student-led study groups within WeClass. These groups, which have grown organically within the platform, have shown to be particularly popular for reviewing material before exams and working on group assignments. The accessibility of the “create a classroom” feature has allowed students to take the liberty of creating their own online classrooms, assigning media to be discussed amongst study groups.

As its user base grows, WeClass is planning to introduce new features to facilitate group projects, peer reviews, and real-time assessments. The team is also exploring partnerships with larger educational organizations to expand its impact. For more information about WeClass, or to schedule an interview with the founders, please contact: weclass.us@gmail.com

About WeClass

WeClass is an edtech startup founded by three high school students from San Jose, CA: Jay Rajesh, Rayyan Hussain, and Abdulhannan Mohammad. The platform is designed to foster interactive learning by allowing teachers to assign video content as part of the coursework, and enabling students to engage in video-specific discussions or pose questions to bridge comprehension gaps.

Media Contact

Brand: WeClass

Founders: Jay Rajesh, Rayyan Hussain, and Abdulhannan Mohammad

Website: weclass.us

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weclass.us/


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