MUC Announced Partnership with FantaGoal as New GameFi Generation

Seoul, Korea – May 27, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – MUC announced a new partnership with FantaGoal. Recently, MUC and FantaGoal have been strengthening their relationship by hosting an airdrop event and an AMA to commemorate their partnership.

MUC is a utility token project aimed at building a decentralized IP-based ecosystem, operated by CommSeed Korea, a 100% subsidiary of CommSeed, a listed company in Japan. CommSeed has a diverse history of developing mobile games in Japan. Leveraging CommSeed’s development expertise, CommSeed Korea is focusing on various blockchain-based projects.

The first DAPP of the MUC ecosystem, UNIVERSAL STALLION, a real horse racing simulation blockchain game featuring legendary racehorses from Japan, is set to launch this June and is gathering significant attention. MUC tokens can be used in UNIVERSAL STALLION as well as in other future in-house games and various partnership projects. MUC aims to gradually expand the ecosystem by developing games utilizing various IPs.

FantaGoal is set to be the most anticipated Web3 game this year. It encompasses all the football competitions in the world including Euro Cup and Copa America. Reflecting the real football world into the game, FantaGoal will announce collaborations with astonishing football stars such as Park Ji-sung and Xabi Alonso, attracting a large number of football fans to the game. Its ecosystem token, FGC, also one of the most anticipated tokens of the year, is expected to be listed in Q3, 2024. And a total of 3% of FGC will be airdropped to early users. Now that FantaGoal’s official website has launched Fanta Points, it might be an effective way to qualify for the early project airdrop.

Both MUC and FantaGoal are projects aiming to expand their ecosystems centered around GameFi. The Web3 industry, having just surpassed its first decade, still faces numerous challenges. Many gamers are not yet familiar with concepts like cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, and NFTs, etc., and there is a lack of content Web3 gamers can fully enjoy. This means there are significant barriers for Web2 users to transition into Web3.

MUC is regarded as a reliable project backed by the stable support and technical expertise of CommSeed, a listed Japanese company. It is evaluated as a project capable of providing high-quality blockchain game content based on a famous Japanese IP. FantaGoal, reflecting the real-world football scene, aims to attract many football fans and establish a GameFi ecosystem where users can enjoy a stable game economy. These two GameFi-centric projects are expected to positively impact the expansion of the Web3 industry in the future.

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