Poster on traffic summonses discount is false, says Home Ministry

PETALING JAYA: A poster stating that up to 50% discounts will be offered for traffic summonses is false, says the Home Ministry.

It said the poster, which made its rounds on social media platforms and through WhatsApp, was edited by irresponsible individuals.

The circulating poster, which bore the Home Ministry’s official logo, stated that the discount would be offered from Nov 28 to Dec 3 for selected offences.

“The poster is false and untrue. The public is advised to not spread false information and only get information from verified sources,” the Home Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday (Nov 29).

Such discounts, however, were not foreign, with one being held on July 30 this year during the Road March 2022 programme in conjunction with the 215th Police Day celebrations at Dataran Merdeka.

This saw people lining up as early as 7am despite the counters only opening at 9am.