NVIDIA GeForce Now To Be Available On Xbox PC Game Pass

During a panel with the Xbox team during the Xbox Games Showcase, an announcement was made that PC Game Pass members will soon be able to play certain titles on their list via NVIDIA GeForce Now devices. “I am thrilled to share with you that in the coming months, we’re actually going to bring GeForce Now as something you can leverage with PC Game Pass,” Sarah Bond, Corporate Vice President at Xbox, said.

“You’re going to be able to play your PC Game Pass catalog leveraging GeForce Now, and you’re going to be able to do that on all devices using GeForce Now, whether it’s low-powered PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, or mobile,” Bond added. “So, we’re thrilled to add that next benefit for PC Game Pass Members.” As for when the accessibility will be available, it has been reported that the service will be available over the coming months, but no exact timeline was given.

Last week, YES 5G officially announced that NVIDIA’s GeForce Now was available in Malaysia, despite the cloud gaming service already being active in the country for the past couple of months. For the uninitiated, the game streaming service allows you to…well, stream games from the GPU brand’s platform, directly to your personal devices. Said devices include your mobile phones, tablets, along with low-powered laptops or Chromebooks. To use the services, you will first need to own the games first, with the digital platforms in question ranging from Steam, Epic Games Store, or even Ubisoft Connect. The idea here, naturally, is to be able to play your favourite game anywhere and anytime. So long as you have a steady and fast internet connection.

In order to use GeForce Now, you are of course required to be subscribed to the service, and that’s where Yes 5G comes in with its annual subscription fee for the service.

(Source: Digital Trends)

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