NVIDIA GeForce Now Officially Launches In Malaysia With Yes 5G

NVIDIA GeForce Now Yes 5G props

NVIDIA GeForce Now has been around locally for a couple of months now, thanks to Yes 5G. But now, the pair are finally making it official with a pop-up event happening throughout the weekend. It is being held at the Starhill Entrance Foyer, giving visitors a chance to try the tech in action.

For the unfamiliar, the NVIDIA GeForce Now is a video game streaming service that lets you stream games to your device. You will need to have owned the games first, be it on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or Ubisoft Connect, among others. If you do, then the service allows you to stream those games to virtually any smart device, letting you play those games on the go if you so choose. Since the service’s servers are the one doing all the graphical processing, you don’t have to worry about having a powerful device to run the games themselves. You don’t even need to worry about having to keep the games up to date.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Yes 5G PC stations
NVIDIA GeForce Now Yes 5G laptop stations
NVIDIA GeForce Now Yes 5G tablet station

As we previously reported, customers of Yes 5G can get access to the service at an annual subscription fee of RM300, or go for RM30 monthly instead. For subscribers of any other telco, this goes up to RRM500 annually, or RM50 a month. Either way, you will get six hours of non-stop gaming time per session. Which is a bit much for gaming on the go. At the time, this was noted to be a limited time offer. Now, at the time of the launch, the price has remained unchanged.

NVIDIA GeForce Now Yes 5G prices

But back to the pop-up event. You have until 10PM to drop by today, but the pop-up will still be around between 10AM and 10PM tomorrow and the day after. If you’re on the fence as to whether this is tech that you can use, you can drop by and try it for yourself.

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