Nothing Phone (2)’s Included USB-C Cable Will Also Feature Transparent Parts

Nothing Phone (2) USB-C Cable Transparent Design

Nothing CEO Carl Pei has revealed the USB-C cable that’s packed together with the upcoming Phone (2) smartphone will also feature the brand’s signature design language. That’s right. Instead of just having a boring all-white colour, the included accessory will sport transparent parts as well.

It’s really that groundbreaking, but it is interesting to finally see the brand streamlining all of its products to feature the same theme. More often than not, this is something that you’d often expect from a third-party release instead.

As seen from the photo shared by Pei, the included USB cable will be Type-C to Type-C which features transparent covers on both ends. Visible through them are Nothing’s logo etched onto the covered parts for both connectors. This design is simple, yet very on-brand for the company. 

We should also point out that the new cable won’t be the only included accessory that will feature the theme, as it is very likely that Nothing will also pack the same SIM ejector tool from the Phone (1). And for those who are unaware, the latter of which comes with a transparent handle.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these new USB-C cables packaged together with the brand’s future products. That is, unless someone decided to one day exclude or even ban the inclusion of such accessories outright for the sake of carbon footprint reduction.

nothing phone 2
Image: Nothing

Anyway, the Nothing Phone (2) is slated to launch globally next month on 12 July 2023. The event will be streamed live at 12am local time via the brand’s website, as well as its official YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

(Source: Nothing, via Carl Pei [Twitter])

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