Netflix Available Via Unifi TV Starting 23 June 2023 (Updated)

Unifi TV Netflix 2

TM has announced a partnership with Netflix to provide subscribers of the former’s Unifi TV service access to the latter’s content catalogue. This kick off tomorrow, on 23 June 2023, which allows subscribers to watch movies like Extraction 2 and Heart of Stone as well as series such as The Witcher and Black Mirror.

As for the ways which you can actually add Netflix to your Unifi TV subscription, TM highlights an ongoing promotion at the moment, allowing you to sign up for the upgrade to the Unifi TV Ultimate Max Pack for RM89.90 a month, or the Ultimate Plus Pack for RM69.90 a month. These will get you the Standard and Basic plans for Netflix respectively. Another available offer is adding on Netflix access to an existing Ultimate Pack for an additional RM9.90 a month. Though as this plan already costs RM60 a month, paying for the add-on is effectively the same as just subscribing to the Ultimate Plus Plan.

Unifi TV Netflix
Source: Unifi.

The company says that these are promotional prices in conjunction with the partnership announcement between Netflix and Unifi TV. The promotion period will be for three months. You can find out more about applicable packs and their prices by visiting the official Unifi website, as well as the FAQ, linked here.

Update: Worth noting though that to get Netflix, subscribers of existing Unifi TV plans will have to upgrade to either the Ultimate Plus or Ultimate Max packs. According to a Unifi representative, the other packs – Ruby Plus, Varnam Plus and Aneka Plus – will not be getting Netflix, nor are they eligible for the RM9.90 add-on to get access.

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